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The Social life situation of the poor Tribal people of this tribal belt is very precarious that they entirely depend upon the Forest produces and stay alive with subsistence agriculture, Mangoes, Jackfruits, Tamarind, Mohua flowers, Sal-seeds and other Forest produces throughout the year. Hence the standard of living and means of existence of these people compels them to survive with brutal problems as if they have born with problems and will take their last breath with problems. Poverty, Hunger and Starvations invite their misery and misfortune. A number of people foot out for Migration and Displacement and some of them are engaged as bonded labourers. Though the women mass strive hard from morning to evening in the Forest for their daily bread, the entire benefits go to the businessmen. So, it is not out of place to mention that the basic amenities for their common livelihood are absolutely “nil”. They are also exploited in different sectors of life by the village Touts, businessmen, Money-lenders, local Contractors, Financial Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and some exterminatory creatures of the society resulting them to be deprived of a peace meal per day.

But, the peculiarity in their life situation is worth-observing that though their economical scenario is very unstable, though they are the victims of severe exploitations and loot to an extreme extent, the male members are in a hobby to enjoy the blossom of life being addicted to country liquor about 12 to 16 hours a day.


Since inception, We have been working with the Hilly-dwelling poor Tribal Communities and a few of Schedule Caste Communities in three Districts namely KANDHAMAL, Kalahandi and Bolangir which are popularly known as Tribal predominated Districts and the people by nature are very innocent and ignorant. Some specific social portraits and characteristics of the people of this area seems to be prominent are displayed here under.

1. Addiction to country liquor makes them out of the social environment and lively-hood development track.
2. Innocence and depression make them out of getting social justice.
3. Dependency upon loans and borrowings has increased to an extreme extent.
4. Blind belief and witchcraft invites their misery and misfortune.
5. More or less, untouchability is another standing curse to social emancipation.
6. Pollution in community life stands as a bar to development.
7. Lack of knowledge in Child Care leads the children to be addicted to country liquor and smoking.
8. Innocence and blind-belief are the root cause of their deteriorating socio-economic condition.
9. Lack of engagement facility is a barrier to socio-economic growth.
10. Lack of Education and lack of knowledge are the major problem to their social life management.
11. People are exploited by the followers of the political leaders due to their illiteracy.
12. Lack of entertainment facility forces them to be exploited by the external’s entertainment programs.
13. Welfare projects and opportunities provided by the Government hardly reach the poor people as the severe exploitation stands as a barrier.

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