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Detail Description about ARASMIN at a Glance

      ARASMIN, the Non-Governmental Organisation takes birth in a Tribal belt of Odisha State in INDIA under G.Udayagiri Block of Kandhamal District adorning the Villages and Hamlets of Tribal Communities and Schedule Caste Communities during the year 1992. It is accredited to United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with Special Consultative Status on Forest during its Regular Session’ 2017, accredited to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) with observer Status and a member of the Committee of Permanent Representative, accredited to UNCCD, member of UNFCCC, a member of Caring4Climate, a life member of UN Global Compact Network, India; Partner of Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), a potential member of IUCN, Switzerland, member of Wildlife Institute of India, member of GNDR (Global Network for Disaster Reduction), United Kingdom; member of Global Water Partnership (GWP), Sweden, life member of India Water Partnership, New Delhi, member of Stop TB Partnership, Switzerland, member of CIVICUS International, registered under Pollution Control Act by Central Pollution Control Board, Govt. of India, registered under corporate social responsibility (CSR 1) and a life member of PTCC-India. As regards to the major activities of this Organization, it is prioritizing on Conservation and protection of Forest and Environment, Wildlife, Air pollution, Water pollution, Climate Change, Ocean Ecosystem and Lake Ecosystem because of its significant influence on the Planet to accelerate the lives of the poor People and follow the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 10 (Ten) Principles of United Nations to strengthen the Planet. ARASMIN is also committed to the principle that all the creatures have an enduring claim to a sustainable space on this planet. It believes that today’s human beings have the responsibility to share the Earth’s resources with other creatures and future generations by limiting their adverse impacts, protecting and enriching their lives and Habitats. To this end, the Organization promotes, protects and restores the habitats for the broadest possible biodiversity, fosters respect for other species and individual creatures and work to limit the detrimental human activities on the planet.

     ARASMIN is working actively prioritizing on Nature-based performances like Life on land, Protection of Environment and Climate Resilience, Desertification, Marine Ecosystem, Lake Ecosystem, Blue Economy, Circular Economy, Water and Sanitation, Air Pollution, Disaster management and Eco-Agriculture (Green Economy) to save the life and save the Planet. Livelihood Empowerment is also a vital part of our activities and we are providing Food Security and Financial Security to fight against Poverty and Hunger and for taking different natural advantages and to educate the poor people for strengthening their livelihoods by empowering through Culture and Spiritualism, providing Livelihood-based Education, Health Security and Social Security to check the Migration and Displacement and to overcome all barriers, all hindrances and all Challenges. Community Sector Partnership and Nature-based Solutions are the most exclusive and powerful weapons used by us that provide enormous support for our enrichment and monumental Challenge.

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