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detail description about ARASMIN At A Glance

“ARASMIN”, the Non-Governmental Organization takes birth in a Tribal belt of Odisha State in INDIA under G.Udayagiri Block of Kandhamal District during the year 1992. It is a member of IUCN, member of Wildlife Institute of India, life-member of UN Global Compact Network and has been accredited to United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with Special Consultative Status on forest during its regular Session’ 2017. As regards to the major aims and objects of this Organization, we are prioritizing on Poverty, Hunger and Starvation to save the lives of the poor indigenous people, conservation and protection of Forest, Environment, Wildlife animals, Landscape Restoration, Marine Ecosystem, Conservation of Living Lake and Water for all. Since then, the organization is running smoothly creating fruitful streams to join the main stream of the Society. ARASMIN is also committed to the principle that all the creatures have an enduring claim to sustainable space on this planet. Hence, we follow and accelerate the 17 Sustainable Goals and the 10 Principles of United Nations to strengthen the Environment and Planet.

It believes that the human beings of to-day have the responsibility to share the Earth’s resources with other creatures and future generations by limiting their adverse impact on the planet and by enriching and protecting Earth’s wild life and the places they inhabit.

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