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Detail Description about Recognition

“ARASMIN” is Registered under Society Registration Act’1860 bearing Registration No-19358/77 of 1992-93, FCRA Registration Act’ 1976 bearing Registration No-105010021, Income Tax Act’ 1961 under Section 12AA bearing No-71/2005-06, Pollution Control Act’ 1977 by Pollution Control Board, Government of India bearing No-CPCB/18-06/0-1/154 and by NITI AAYOG, Government of India, bearing the Membership Unique Id-OR/2012/0048557. It has got the permanent Tax Exemption approval under section 80G bearing No-80G-01/2013-14/3309, Dated 28th June’ 2013 and 100% Tax Exemption approval on Education under Section 10(23C)(vi) bearing No-10(23C)/8/2007-08/14764-813, Dated 9th October’2007. It has also obtained the PAN Id bearing No: AAAAA4918J and TAN Id bearing No-BBNA00865R provided by Govt. of India, Income Tax Department.

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